Include a Charity Week 2015

Include a Charity Week 2015 was held from the 7 – 13 September.

Imagine a world without your favourite charities and all of the good work that they do. Did you know that a gift left in your Will leaves a lasting legacy? Without these legacies our impact would not be as far-reaching and we would struggle to continue our work. That’s why we are working together as the Include a Charity campaign.

Most of our income comes from the generosity of the general community – whether it is through donations, taking part in our events or supporting those who raise money on our behalf. It is a little known fact however that much of our vital income comes from those who leave us a gift in their Will. You don’t need to wealthy to leave a gift in your Will – no matter what size the gift it helps the work live on.

During Include a Charity Week 2015, we asked the community to consider, when the time is right, and they have taken care of their family and friends, to leave a gift in their Will that will have a lasting impact and help our work live on.

Include a Charity also proudly supported Studio 10 in profiling icons of Australia in the lead up to Include a Charity Week 2015.

You can watch these segments below: