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The Include a Charity campaign has recently launched its Campaign Supporter Program. As a provider of professional legal services, many Australians will come to you to draft or update their Wills. The single most significant factor that has helped to increase the incidence of charitable gifts in Wills in the UK and the USA is the mention of charities by a solicitor at the time a Will is being prepared.

Your prompt about leaving a charitable gift in their Will could make the world of difference, both to your client and their legacy, and to the charity they nominate as a beneficiary.

Register today and we will:

  • Send you our information pack that includes brochures, a poster and a sign that shows you ask the question
  • Add your details to our database of solicitors who ask their clients about charitable Wills – see here.

Over 2,000 people visit our site annually with the express purpose of finding out more on how to do this. We also have a substantial media campaign that points people to this resource.

The difference one simple question can make is staggering. Not only will it help more Australians get the Wills they want, it’ll help more charities have more money to do better.

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