How you can support our mission

The aim of Include a Charity is to inspire Australians to include charities in their Will. We want to make more people aware of the hugely positive impact that charitable gifts in Wills have and what a significant difference they make to charities and their beneficiaries. We also want to make people understand how simple it is to include their favourite charities in their Will.

Please consider doing these three simple things when discussing Wills with your clients:

  1. Explore your clients’ wishes by asking some simple questions about a gift to charity when talking about writing their Wills and Powers of Attorney.
  2. If your client is including one or more charities in their Will, ask them if they would be happy to advise the charity/ies of their gift. The charity would like to thank them in person for their generosity and commitment and acknowledge their gift, if appropriate.
  3. Display Include a Charity brochures and posters in your reception area or office. These materials can prompt your clients to think about philanthropy and provide practical information to people who are making or updating their Will. Contact us and we’ll send you some of our leaflets along with a stand to display them, free of charge.

Useful Links

The national charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has a search tool you can use to find the correct name and ABN number of any registered charity.