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Make your Will in minutes.

Change it when and where you like.


BeQest Online Wills is designed to give you an affordable, easy means of making your Last Will & Testament.


And it’s not complicated either.


You simply register through our website then fill in the step-by-step sections that need to be completed. It’s all in plain English and easy to do. Some people complete their Will in less than half an hour.


But there’s no rush or time limit. You can return any time to change or complete a section.


When all sections are complete you can print or download your Will. As often as you like.

If you don’t have a printer don’t worry. For a small cover charge we’ll print and post it to you.

And uniquely, because BeQest is on the web and stores your Will in a high-security database, you can change it whenever and wherever you like. Forever!

Just imagine, no more expensive time-consuming lawyers!


After all, a lot of things may change in your life’s journey.

Partners, marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, pets, travel, property.

And you may well want to change who gets your hard-earned money and property accordingly.

Make provision for children and grandchildren.

Leave a donation to our special list of Include-A-Charity supporters.

Make gifts to your friends and relatives.

Make sure your pets will be well looked after.

Change or add who will be the executors of your Will.

And importantly, who will enjoy the main benefits of your personal assets.


With BeQest you can do it quickly and easily.

No time consuming expensive trips to the lawyer.

Just login to BeQest and get it done.

And uniquely, BeQest makes it easy for you to :-

  • make your valid legal Will in minutes
  • change your Will whenever and wherever you like
  • never lose your latest Will
  • store your confidential info your loved ones may need such as PINs and bank details
  • have a complete audit of any changes made to your Will
  • enjoy the excellent support of our team
  • consult with our legal partners for more complex situations

All for the fraction of the cost of a traditional lawyer.


BeQest Online Wills.

Make your Will in minutes. Change it whenever things change in your life.