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Include a Charity is working with two agencies — Behaviour Change Partners and Evolve Research – to find new ways to encourage more solicitors to have conversations about bequests when preparing their clients’ Wills. Preliminary work undertaken by creative agency Behaviour Change Partners, specialists in behavioural science and economics, resulted in a theory that contrary to most solicitors’ beliefs, a significant number of clients are interested in leaving a charitable gift in their Wills.To further test the hypothesis, Evolve Research conducted an online study with 1,099 Australians questioning how they felt about being asked by their solicitors about charitable bequests.The report confirmed that 29% of Australians would like to be able to make a bequest in their Will to a favourite cause or charity important to them when they either make or go to update their Will. More compelling, however, is that 65% say it isokay for solicitors to ask about bequests during the Will-making process, presenting an opportunity for discussion. Only 23% said it was not okay and 11% were unsure. Include a Charity will be reaching out to more than 3,000 solicitors across the country during the annual Include a Charity campaign (10-16 September) to promote the findings in the hopes that more solicitors will be reassured that it is fine to ask clients about bequests.

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This toolkit provides information for Include a Charity campaign supporters to encourage effective engagement with solicitors and professional advisers. You can view the latest copy (updated May 2017) of the legal engagement toolkit here.

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This is a short and simple GIW Dictionary that includes legal terms in order to encourage effective engagement with solicitors and professional advisors.



Find out about the importance of PAF’s and Endowment Funds for charities with professional financial advisors.

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