Past Webinars 2017

Links to recordings of all past webinars are available free for current supporters of the Include a Charity Campaign and their staff.

BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS WORKSHOP 1 & 2 (October – November 2017)

Workshop 1: Inspiration and Exploration 

This is Workshop 1 of a three stage process where we’ll explore a broad range of human behaviours and their relationship to leaving a Gift in their Will. These workshops will design the tests to be implemented in partnership with charity members and the Behavioural Insights Team UK. Our goal is to create new and deeper engagement with supporters to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the value and social impact of gifts in Wills.

Workshop 1 will be an interactive examination of human behaviour and how we can ‘nudge’ people in new ways. We had teams working on:

  1. The relationship people have with money. How they perceive and associate value to their money at an individual level.
  2. The peer perception of money and its purpose within our community: norming, self-signalling, reciprocity and reward.
  3. How people make decisions or not! Understanding inhibitors of decision making.
  4. How people plan, act and achieve goals.

Outcome: Identify opportunities to test new interventions as part of the journeys supporters have with our charities to leave a gift in their Will

Workshop 2: Gifts in Wills: Design and ideate test journeys  

This is Workshop 2 of a three stage process. In this we will design the test journeys by understanding the real-life journeys supporters are having with charities and how we can test various interventions.  These workshops will deliver the prototypes to be implemented in partnership with charity members and the Behavioural Insights Team UK.The goal is to design behavioural tests that can be implemented within our charities. We’ll be utilising empathy mapping to design and ideate around the greatest opportunities identified in Workshop 1.

The teams work together to identify the “moment that matters” in the journey where a change in behaviour can have the greatest impact. Ideation around this moment helps us to determine how we can change a person’s attitude and emotions in order to influence their behaviour.

Outcome: 3-4 defined journeys to develop test plans with Charity partners and the Behavioural Insights Team UK

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During this webinar we will discuss various aspects of mediation including:

  1. Deciding whether or not to attend mediation;
  2. Preparing for mediation;
  3. What to expect at mediation; and
  4. What happens if mediation does not bring a successful resolution to your matter.

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From 11 – 17 September the Include a Charity campaign’s activities will be focused on supporting international legacy days through Australia’s Include a Charity Week. This is a great opportunity for Include a Charity supporters to develop gifts in Wills fundraising.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn all about the 2017 Include a Charity Week campaign and what is planned for increasing community awareness about the impact of gifts in Wills
  • Understand how your organisation can leverage opportunities to have the conversation with your donor base about how they can leave a gift in their Will to your organisation
  • Be part of a sector-wide collaboration and receive content that will allow you to speak to your donors through multiple channels
  • Hear about the international speaker events available to you during Include a Charity Week

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Resources and budgets are often limited and understanding who to target in your bequest program is one of the fundamental pillars to success. In this webinar, Marcus Blease MFIA will share the best data and research to understand who to market your bequest campaigns to and how to use these tools to increase or decrease the size of the prospect pool based on their propensity to leave a gift in their Will.

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GIVING AUSTRALIA (February 2017)

During this webinar Dr Christopher Baker AMFIA, Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology will explore gifts in Wills related findings from the Giving Australia 2016 project.

The Giving Australia 2016 project is the largest ever research effort into philanthropic behaviour to understand how, why and how much Australians give to charity. The project is led by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) at QUT with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs.

This webinar recording is not yet available.