Q: Why are you encouraging people to leave a gift in their Will?

A: Our research shows at least a third of Australians are considering leaving a gift in their Will but have not yet included it. We would like to bridge that gap and encourage people who want to leave a gift in their Will to do so. As well as being good for the charitable organisations, leaving a charitable bequest can be better financially for those inclined to give. Many people do not have the means to leave a significant gift to charity during their lifetime. A gift in a Will can be made after financial commitments, funeral arrangements and loved ones have been looked after and can enable donors to leave a lasting legacy.

Q: Do I need to leave a large amount to charity in my Will?

A: No, a charitable gift can be for any amount, large or small, or can be a percentage of your estate or whatever is left after all other commitments have been taken care of.

Q: Why can’t I find my preferred charity on your website?

A: Include a Charity is made up of charities who proactively work together to promote charitable gifts in Wills, and covers a broad spectrum of causes. If you do not see your preferred charity listed please contact them directly through their website.

Q: Can you recommend a solicitor so I can organise my Will?

A: Include a Charity cannot recommend a specific solicitor. However you can use our helpful Find a Solicitor search tool to Find a Professional Advisor near you, or contact the relevant Law Society in your state or territory and ask for a referral.

Q: How does my charity become a supporter of the Include a Charity campaign?

A: Contact us and we will provide further information about joining the campaign.

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